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Vllage Verkola in Pinezhskiy region is the home-place of a famous Russian writer Fedor Alexandrovich Abramov (1920 – 1983). There he spent his youth, there is worldview was formed, it’s the place where the ideas and characters of his books originated from, and the place where he was buried.
In 1984 his museum was founded. It is now located in the building of the old primary school. This museum tells the story of his life and describes the role his birthplace played in his artistic work.

The museum complex includes his house, which he regularly visited and a beginning-of-XX century manor where there a ethnographic exhibition will soon be located.
Once every four years on the day of his birthday, February 29, in Arkhangelsk and Verkola museums hold Abramov’s Readings , where admirers and researchers of his work from all over Russia and abroad gather.
On the other bank of River Pinega there is the monastery of
Saint Artemiy Verkolskiy.

Tourists and pilgrims discover the beauty of Pinezhskiy region, where the man managed to preserve the authentic Russian culture and nature.

You can reach Verkola from Arkhangelsk by first taking train from Arkhangelsk to Karpogory station, and from there – by bus to village Verkola.

The museum keeps a small hotel for 8 beds.

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