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The British heavy Mark-V tank is a unique example of military materiel. There are only 6 tanks of this model in the world. And one of them we have in Russia . Vickers-Armstrong Company built it for the British Army in 1918. Later it was sent to Russia . During the Civil War the tank was shot down near Novorossiysk and became a trophy to the Red Army. Together with other British and French tanks it formed the first tank branch in Russia . Unfortunately, the later history of this tank is unknown.

In 1930’s it was decided to turn old tanks into monuments to the Civil War and Intervention in Soviet cities. So, City Council passed the tank over to the regional museum in 1940, and it was stationed in its yard at first.

We still don’t know the complete story of this tank. It’s the question historians yet have to answer.

Now the tank is on restoration.

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